Centre Hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM)

OHL is an equity partner in the Collectif Santé Montreal (CSM) consortium. As a primary member of the CSM consortium, OHL is responsible for its design, construction, financing and maintenance, including all aspects of the building design and the integration of the existing premises into the new CHUM project.

The project consists of:

  • The design, construction and redevelopment of the installation, including the underground parking, commercial retail spaces and development of all public access areas
  • The management of all equipment energy consumption and usage, including the construction and operation of a thermal power generation plant
  • The design and construction of the centre meeting the energy efficiency requirements equal to or exceeding a LEED silver-level certification
  • Provision of underground parking facilities
  • Provision of commercial retail space
  • Multiple inter structure connections required to connect the new CHUM building to the existing
  • Research Centre and subsequently to the Champ-de-Mars underground metro station
  • Collectif Santé Montreal (CSM) as a whole is responsible for the design to accommodate, as well as procurement, installation and maintenance of all requisite medical equipment. CSM will purchase the fixed medical equipment selected by the client, and coordinate all delivery and installation thereof. Once completed, the new 330,000 m2 CHUM will contain: 772 beds in single rooms, complete with intensive care (66 rooms), medical and surgical suites
  • Technical support centers for the entire CHUM facility including: operating areas (39 rooms), imaging, radio-oncology, nuclear medicine and several clinical laboratories
  • A full complement of emergency services
  • Healthcare Experience Ambulatory activities, day medicine and the majority of CHUMs external clinic centres
  • Decentralized teaching spaces

Construction Phasing

The construction site is the same site where the original Main Building of the Hospital is located and it’s a requirement of the client’s that the existing facility be maintained in an operational state during the construction of the new hospital.

In order to satisfy this client requirement, the construction was scheduled in a two phase plan. Phase 1 would see the completion of 85% of the new building construction. Upon completion of Phase 1, the client will relocate all operations from the existing building to the newly completed CHUM centre. Once the client has been fully oriented and brought to an operational state in the new building, Phase 2 will commence. Phase 2 begins with the demolition of the original building to allow for construction of new structures in its place.

Phase 2 – demolition and construction makes up approximately 15% of the CHUM project.

PHASE 1: 85%

  • A fully functioning hospital by spring 2016
  • All patient rooms
  • All operating theatres
  • All medical imaging
  • All diagnostic and treatment services
  • 90% of the clinical program
  • Saint-Luc Hospital remains fully operational

PHASE 2: 15%

  • Will be finished in 2019
  • Completion of ambulatory services
  • Amphitheatre
  • Library
  • Clinical-administrative spaces