OHL's Strategy Update 2020

Cabecera _plan _estrategico (1)

The OHL Group (OHL)has presented its 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, that outlines the company’s commitment to doubling its turnover figure to 8,000 million euros and increasing its EBITDA to 2,000 million euros.

The Strategic Plan is based on OHL’s capacity and strength as an integrated group consisting of five divisions with high synergies and collaboration opportunities; broad experience in the execution of complex projects in all sectors; and successful international growth, with a highly diversified and value-added portfolio.

OHL estimates that by 2020 its eight priority markets (Home Markets) will represent 85% of total revenues. This strategy will reinforce its presence in the Americas (Canada, United States, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile), while continuing to grow in Europe’s traditional markets (Spain and Eastern Europe).

OHL's Strategy Update 2020